Development & Production

We offer ready systems with an artificial micro-climate in greenhouse, fully manufactured in our production facilities and designed according to the analysis of geographical location and soil characteristics.

Continuously developing dynamic structure, professional staff, years of accumulated experience – our advantages over competitors.

All the details necessary for the installation of the greenhouse, we manufacture ourselves. We guarantee the quality of our greenhouses, because we use only the best, proven materials and modern equipment. Also, the customer receives the prepared set of drawings and software in English language. We are able to fully control every stage of production and coordinate it with the needs of the client. With KARACA TARIM you receive a product of high quality and economy.

We owe our success to the unswerving following of standards, attention to quality, attitude to clients as partners, constant desire to modernize, introduction of successful marketing techniques.

Our goal is not to stop move forward and to ensure our presence in every country in the world!