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Installation of greenhouse automation systems for any climate to growing all four seasons and guaranteed technical service all over the world.


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CO² Fertilizing


The greenhouse irrigation system should be planned according to the land to which the irrigation system will be applied, professionalism of the staff, geographical location, growing process time of the plant. According to the obtained data, we will prepare a report of the irrigation system that should be installed.


A proper system, installed correctly, will give you many years of service with very little maintenance and upkeep. It measures and controls water flow, conductivity, EC and pH control and individual fertilizer control automatically. The system is also designed to control temperature, humidity, fan and vent control, lighting control, thermal and solar shading control, control for hot water and steam heating systems, fog and misting control and much more. All this is possible to create with Karaca Greenhouse Irrigation Automation Systems to get a good profit and to improve a global economy as well.

Each of our systems has been tested by Istanbul Yıldız Technical University and we received the favorable reviews from individual end users whereupon we began to install greenhouse automation and irrigation systems in numerous countries.

Greenhouse systems that give life to plants.

KARACA offers best solutions for continuous plant growth and smooth production depending on the geographical analysis.




Warranty Service

Perfect Greenhouse Automation Systems

KARACA Greenhouse Installation and Greenhouse Irrigation Automation Systems is a Turkish company and an international brand that develops its systems in Antalya and provides services all over the world.

KARACA TARIM, which is the leading company in the greenhouse engineering sector in Turkey with own production facilities, has started to present the greenhouse climate systems based on soil analysis and geographical location and had completed several projects in numerous countries.

KARACA Greenhouse installation, irrigation and automation systems, with a dynamic structure that develops itself and growing with each passing day, have full-expert staff with years of knowledge and experience and continue to develop.

Our corporate power and success lies in our genuine desire to be the best in our field, to ensure partnerships with our customers, to continuously modernize production and meet international standards. From the moment of foundation to the present day, for us, the quality of our products is above all and is in line with the high standard of our customers.

Our target is not to stop going forward and to ensure our presence in every country in the world!


In our portfolio there are a lot of completed projects in Turkey and first of all in Antalya. We also proudly announce the completed projects in Azerbaijan (Baku, Masalli region, Bilasuvar, Sabirabad), Georgia (Batumi and Zugdidi), Russia (Novorossiysk) and Kazakhstan. KARACA TARIM carries out both a full installation of the greenhouse complex and provides assistance, especially in the field of automation, to other companies that also deal with the installation of greenhouses.

In a rapidly developing world, KARACA TARIM continues to work hard, increasing the number of successful projects every day and receiving good reviews from end-users who prefered to cooperate with Turkish company.


Installation and Automation

We carry out projects in the field of soil and groundless cultivation of plants, install smart greenhouse systems, irrigation systems for open land and gardens, and we are also provide services in many other branches of agriculture. Thanks to modern technologies for creating a micro-climate, automated irrigation and distribution of fertilizers, fogging, growing plants on suspension trays, storing liquids in steel tanks, you could optimize production process and achieve maximum benefits.

Manufacturing of Greenhouse Units

All the details necessary for the installation of the greenhouse, we manufacture ourselves. We guarantee the quality of our greenhouses, because we use only the best, proven materials and modern equipment. Also, the customer receives the prepared set of drawings and software in English language. We are able to fully control every stage of production and coordinate it with the needs of the client. With KARACA TARIM you receive a product of high quality and economy.

After-sale Technical Support

Any service or equipment purchased from KARACA Building and Automation of Greenhouses Company is under the warranty. We follow the new technologies and gladly share them with our customers. We will provide a quick solution to issues related to hardware or software, and also, if necessary, offer you to integrate new systems. KARACA undertakes to follow the agreements on maintenance and modernization. We work to ensure that your plants never fade.