Plants need carbon dioxide to process the nutrients they receive from outside. In the air, there is about 350ppm of carbon dioxide, and this amount is sufficient for the process of photosynthesis in plants. But in order to increase yield, there should be about 1000 ppm of carbon dioxide in the air. With the help of special controllers and sensors, the flow of liquid gas from cylinders or the extraction of carbon dioxide from the boiler room is regulated.

Our climate control unit from the sensors in the greenhouse with the CO² data CO² fertilization is been doing in line with the desired value.
Also it is designed and will be installed by our team in a way to transfer carbon dioxide in the greenhouse easily.

Carbon dioxide systems

With the commencement of the daytime photosynthesis, the CO² ratio is decreasing in the environment, to be contained with additional CO² sources which is called “carbon fertilization”. The benefits of carbon dioxide fertilization and methods of application are specified below.

High quality fruits and vegetables; a vegetable or fruit and the yield itself are observed for product quality purposes to increase CO² fertilization.
The resistance against plant diseases; the increased rate of CO² in greenhouses, the plant physiology, the anatomy and morphology are the most important contributions.
Rapid growth; it is important to do the early harvest to increase the rate of CO² in the atmosphere, which gives you a very good start to the life cycle of an annual plant which is an important factor. The process is very important to the beginning of each spring, the impact on an annual plants, especially at the initiation of growth. The stimulus that triggers a powerful way of the growth of the plant by providing a plant at every stage of life affects the result of the harvesting. Different geographies, different climates, different conditions are being studied for making the product effective to grow in the way observed.

The ppm values for standard greenhouses:
600-900 ppm for potted plants
600-800 ppm for the seedlings ready for planting
1000-2000 ppm for cucumber
1000-2000 ppm for tomatoes
1000 ppm for pepper